Water Transportation in Bangkok by Thai Do Thai Restaurant 泰國自助行-曼谷的水上交通-泰鍍泰式料理

If you’re tired of traffic jams in Bangkok, then you must try its water transportation on Chao Phraya River. Alone the riversides, there are many beautiful buildings on the banks, e.g. Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. The riversides are also ‘starry’; many five-star hotels are located there. This march, we tried some afternoon tea in the Bangkok Oriental and had a good time there. After that, we took a local ferry to Khaosan Road, a must-go road for backpackers. Taking ferries doesn’t only save you away from being trapped by traffic jams, but also offers you a different way to experience your trip in Bangkok. Don’t forget this transportation option when you have a chance to visit there.