Naem Salad by Taichung Thai Do [台中泰式料理-泰鍍] 泰式涼拌酸肉




This Northern Thai dish, Naem, is a fermented sausage made with pork, pork skins, sticky rice, chopped garlic, salt, sugar and chilies. In old time, it was wrapped in banana leaves. Nowadays, it is usually wrapped in cylinder food bag. It takes 3 to 5 days to complete the fermentation process under the condition of about 30℃ and 50% humidity. (Please refer to the attached photo for the finished Name sausage)

The cooked sticky rice make the sausage's texture jelly alike. Many people just sliced it and eat it alone, it's already a great finished food product! In Thailand, there are many ways to deal with it, you can use it to make roast, fried (rice, noodle or egg) or soup dishes. If none of them you like, then come to Thai Do to try our Naem salad. The fresh vegetables' sweetness and our homemade spicy sour salad sauce go perfectly match with Naem's sourness.

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