Harmony 和諧 by Thai Do Thai Restaurant 泰鍍泰式料理 [台中道地泰式料理]

剛剛下午聽了BBC的Podcast的Lost Voices of Afghanistan Documentaries (阿富汗消失的聲音),很自然的就跟這幾天利比亞打打殺殺的新聞連結起來,實在令人心情沈重,鬥爭的本性似乎就存在人類的基因裡面,有一群人,為了私慾,可以把人命輕易的犧牲掉。但在同時,確有另一群人珍惜著各種的生命,甚至奉獻了自己的生命,追求著和諧的世界。Harmony-和諧這單字聽起來真舒服。希望追求和諧人越來越多,對立的人越來越少。圖片綠色的葉片是店門口植物的近拍,粉紅色的則是店裡玫瑰的花瓣,

This afternoon, I just listened to BBC's podcast programme called 'Lost Voice of Afghanistan Documentaries'. Naturally, my brain linked it to the news of Libya's war crisis. That was surely a heavy thought. Warfare seems to lurk deep inside our genes. There are groups of people killing each others for their own good. At the same time, there're also groups of people cherish lives as their own or even more, they are seeking a world of Harmony. Harmony sounds nice and comfortable. Hopefully, there will be more and more people looking for it, lesser and lesser people chasing selfish desires. The green leaves closeup photo is the plant right outside of the restaurant. The pink one was the rose inside of it.