Angles by Thai Do Thai Restaurant 角度 台中好吃泰鍍泰式料理

每個人看事角度都不同,觀點正不正面也差異很大,舉例來說:有些人看玫瑰只看花不看刺,某些又只看刺不看花,也許有的人兩種都看,也有視而不見的。 只看花不看刺似乎太夢幻了些。看刺不看花又太過悲觀。兩者都看卻又過於平衡,沒啥樂趣。視而不見的則大概算是種世外高人吧!

People see things from different angles. It can sometimes tell us who is postive or negetive. For example, some peole only see flowers of rose but not thorns. Some are the other way around. Few people see them both but there are people don't see anything at all. People only see flowers rather positive. Those seeing throns ones can be very negetive. It can be vapid if you see both things in a very balanced ways. Those ones who see nothing... they are just amazing!